Expo Nacional Ferretera is coming!

Expo Nacional Ferretera is coming!

Expo Nacional Ferretera is an important business generating bridge, internationally recognized as the most important event in the industry in Latin America.

In Expo Nacional Ferretera the most important brands show innovations and the trends of the following year are marked.

For three days, the most important actors in the sector meet in Guadalajara to live the experience that the main brands of the market offer, through fun activations and stands with innovative designs.

Yihong will be in Mexico! Welcome your visiting in Mexico!5th-7th Sep.

Stand: 1175  Address: Expo Guadalajara, Mexico See you in Mexico!

E-mail: info@yihongabrasives.com

 Expo Nacional Ferretera

As a visitor you can:

Find all the best positioned dealers and brands in the construction, hardware, electrical and lighting industry.

Know more than 500,000 products.

Follow the trends of your market.

Discover and take advantage of attractive promotions.

Train you in our extensive program of conferences and workshops.

Interact with national and international companies.

Meet entrepreneurs or colleagues from other countries.

Create new business opportunities.

Generate new contacts.

Make purchases for the year or for specific projects.

Discover new technologies and contact both local and global suppliers.

Warmly welcome you visiting us !


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